The Adventures of Autumn and Cliff

The Adventures of Autumn and Cliff

I am Afraid of the Plane!

Thomasina M. D'Arezzo


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Autumn is a very inquisitive seven-year-old girl who, like many, has questions and fears of the unknown.
It's always scary trying things for the first time. She has this special hat on her head full of rubies and acorns. The hat is mysterious and was given to her by an elderly woman at a yard sale. Autumn doesn't know that the hat is special.
There is a birch leaf, Cliff, that sits on her hat and comes to life whenever she is going through something or needs answers. He becomes animated to her and only she can see him in that form, everyone else sees him as a regular birch leaf. This book series will take you through many of Autumn and Cliff's adventures.


Thomasina M. D'Arezzo:
Thomasina M. D'Arezzo was born in the 1970s. She is from New England and a Rhode Island native. She is the author of the children's book series, Marco The Mini Sleuth. She enjoys all seasons, especially her favourite, Autumn, in New England. She adores the rocky beaches in her area. She has a big Italian family and one son, who is a recent college graduate. She has always enjoyed creative writing and letting her imagination wander. She enjoys hiking, creative writing, acting, and listening to music. She is fond of vintage poetry, classic children's fables, travel, nature, and animals.